Welcome to the

Network Breakfast

Our Purpose

The Lubbock Network Breakfast is a regional-wide breakfast, held the first Wednesday of every month, that connects the Lubbock Mayor’s Office, local pastors, and ministry leaders. The Network’s goal is for spiritual and civic-minded individuals to gather to share ideas and to work together to serve our community and make Lubbock a safer and better place for all of our city’s residents.


Share their personal story and ministry highlights. 


Pray for each other.


Identify potential events to work together. 


Learn best practices used in the kingdom of God. 


Develop partners in ministry


From time-to-time, guest speakers will be invited to encourage ministry leaders.

Each session is designed to invigorate even the most experienced ministry leader with a bracing jolt of fresh perspective by connecting with accomplished, spiritually-minded people and by being equipped at the highest levels. From time to time, articles and publications will be distributed keeping members up-to-date on current ministry trends.

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  • Global Guest Speakers
  • Practical Biblical Applications
  • Integrate Your Faith Into the Community
  • Expand the Gospel
  • Make a Personal Impact
  • Collaboration for Potential Opportunities
  • Meet New Ministry Partners
  • Free Breakfast
  • Industry Best Practices